At Instaward you can buy a complete system for micro-location based notification. Instawards system using the new BLE technology – Bluetooth low energy – and it consists of micro-transmitters that allow mobile communication in a specific geographic area . The solution makes it possible for retailers to tailor the communication with their customers, based on the customer’s exact position and previous buying behavior. 

It includes a cloud based server solution called Instaward Cloud, an app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, called Instaward App and our swedish-made hardware called Instaward Lighthouse ibeacons.



You can also purchase Instaward Analytics, our cloud based server solution with a web-interface. Instaward Analytics enables you to see real-time behavior or accumulated over time.



Of course you can buy our ibeacons as they are, and develop the software by yourself.


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What we Sell NY2 WHAT WE SELL, Instaward Communication Platform




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