• How long does a battery last?

    Inside each beacon is a non-rechargeable lithium battery that should last up to 2 -3 years depending on beacon configuration.

  • What is the Beacon’s range?

    The typical range of Bluetooth low-energy radio modules is up to 100m (300 ft.). It depends on the location, because radio signals could be absorbed or diffracted.How precise should the indoor location be?It very much depends on your intended use and the immediate surroundings, but you could detect the presence of beacons as far away as 100-200 meters or as little as 30 cm, so it could be very accurate.

  • How do I install the beacons in the venue?

    Each beacon has an adhesive nanomaterial back surface. You can just stick the beacon to any flat surface like a glass window, a wooden door or a painted wall. You can unplug it anytime and it won’t leave any residue or markings on the surface. If the material becomes less sticky, just clean it under warm water and it’s ready to use again.

  • Is the Beacon case waterproof?

    The case is made of soft silicon and closed so that it’s waterproof. You can install it outdoors or even underwater.

  • Do they come in other colors?

    Yes. Our beacons will be delivered in several different colors depending which zones they will be installed.